PU semi-automatic box foam machine

HMI series high pressure foaming machine is developed on the basis of absorbing and digesting the technology of foreign famous companies
The equipment advanced technology, reasonable structure, complete functions, high degree of automation, accurate measurement, convenient operation, beautiful appearance

Strong and durable, open architecture, easy maintenance, stable performance, high repetition precision of material injection.
two Main parameters of equipment:

1. Equipment: 08 (eight components).
2. Applicable foam type: soft foam, high rebound, slow rebound.
3. Applicable raw material viscosity (22°C) : polyether polyols 2000Mpas.
4. Mixing head: 1 set of mixing barrel
5 material temperature control precision: ≤±2℃.
6. Temperature control system: cooling 12000Kca/h, flow 15cc/r.
7. The total power of the chiller is 3 pieces
8. Tank volume: 4×100L; 4 x 2 t
9. Host size: length 3000, width 1000, height 1500 (according to customer requirements)
10. Mold square 2;
11.. Foaming components: 8 components
12. Foaming form: semi-automatic box foaming,
3. Host configuration description:

1. Feeding system:

It is designed as a single-layer carbon steel structure material tank with coiled pipe and stirring, with the maximum working pressure of 0.3mpa. It is equipped with a stirring system (polyether polyol), with a power of 2.2kW and a ratio of 40:1. Infusion port is controlled by 2 "manual ball valve, feeding is driven by motor and maintenance-free internal gear pump, which can be realized manually or automatically.
2.PPG and TDI electronic measurement:
Metering pump NB16 series core gear pump. The series metering pump is accurate, stable operation, simple maintenance; Two motors drive two metering pumps, set the metering pump through the computer, to control the amount of metering pump out, motor and pump connection is connected with the shaft sealing device, to ensure that the operation of the metering pump shaft seal never leak.
3. Mixing bucket:
The mixing bucket injection procedure can be controlled as automatic or manual.
Mixing bucket has two working modes: square foam and round foam, easy to operate.
4. Material temperature control system:
In the high and low pressure circulation of the system, the heat exchange medium (water) is connected with the chiller to reduce the temperature of the raw liquid. The electric heating tube of the exchanger increases the temperature of the raw liquid, and the digital display temperature control instrument automatically controls the temperature control medium to ensure the constant temperature of the raw material.
5. Electrical control system
(1) high-tech electronic control, so that each part of the system program coordinated work, control power supply using transformer isolation power supply and switching power supply;
The programmable controller adopts LG SERIES PLC from South Korea, and the peripheral electrical appliances adopt chint or Schneider products from China, independently developed
High pressure foaming machine control program input, manual and automatic operation control mode.
(2) Man-machine dialogue interface adopts 6.7-inch color OP Chinese operator to measure, hydraulic, mixing tank, mixing head injection, etc
Part of the work according to the program coordination, used for setting, display high pressure cycle time, injection time, proportion time, display operation procedures, display equipment process flow chart, data and other storage capacity and functions, can display the fault of each part, and equipped with shutdown alarm function.
6. Whole machine protection system:
Motor, heating pipe short circuit, overload protection;
Low pressure overpressure protection of feeding system;
7. Filtration system:
The filter is a line gap filter, which can rotate the hand wheel of the filter regularly or irregularly without stopping the machine
Filtration is carried out to ensure that foreign matter cannot enter the circulatory system.

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