Notes for operation of PU foam foaming machine

Notes for starting PU foam foaming machine:

1, before starting the production, check whether the wiring of each part is intact, turn on the host power, and turn on the air compressor and cold water mechanical and electrical source at the same time.
2, before starting the metering pump, it is necessary to feed the material tank, seal it, open the pressure valve, and charge the material tank. The general pressure is 0.2m pascals, not more than 0.3m pascals (shown by the digital pressure gauge on the cylinder head), otherwise it will cause the material cylinder to detonate.
3. Open the discharging valve under the material tank, charge the material into the metering pump, open the metering pump exhaust valve, and empty the air until the discharge valve is discharged.
4. The hydraulic station should be filled with clean hydraulic oil (added to the safe zone of the liquid level display), and the motor of the hydraulic station should be activated. The oil pressure should be adjusted to a low state to check whether each part of the oil pipeline is leaking, and then adjusted to the normal working hydraulic state.
5, high and low pressure switching valve, JH30 series B material conversion valve, B material metering pump transmission lubrication should be added two octyl grease, sealing and sliding, and regular inspection, fill.
6, A1, A2 filters with automatic cleaning function, are set in the computer cleaning time, stop time, B material manual cleaning, filter should be cleaned regularly, (cleaning once a day), A1, A2, B material discharge once every 3 ~ 4 day (note: first turn off the tank bottom down material valve, open the discharge valve of the filter under, slag discharge the material).
7, pouring nozzle A/B material throttle valve, should be regularly removed and cleaned. Special B type throttle valve, replace the sealing ring, install the screw with butter to avoid freezing.
8. In the case of no material injection at the head of the gun in production, each group of materials should be switched to a low-pressure state, not in high pressure for a long time, otherwise it will speed up the improvement of material temperature.
9. The lines/pipelines and all surfaces of PU foam machine should be kept neat and clean, especially the rotation of the cantilever may cause the material pipe and high pressure oil pipe to be scratched. The scratched parts should be protected and wrapped up to avoid scratching and leakage.
10. When disassembling and disassembling the material tube, the main power supply should be turned off first, the discharge valve on the material cylinder should be opened, and the discharge valve under the material cylinder should be closed, and then disassembling and disassembling after confirmation.
11. When disassembling the oil pipe, the motor of the hydraulic station should be closed, and the oil pressure of the hydraulic station should be removed through the point cleaning switch. When there is no oil pressure, the oil pipe should be disassembled and assembled again.
12. When filling the cylinder, do not exceed the upper limit of the liquid level in the cylinder, nor lower than the lower limit of the liquid level

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