Brief usage of sponge horizontal continuous foaming machine

1. The tachometer sets the number of revolutions for foaming flow, and the adjustment knob adjusts the set number of revolutions. For example, the current number of revolutions is 30, and 40 is needed for foaming
1. Drop plate adjustment is used to adjust the cooperation between foaming time and foam foaming speed.
2, touch screen control pump start and stop and pneumatic valve switch function, and control foaming start and stop function, as well as foaming time function, pump motor for operation, pump stop for motor stop, valve open for raw material into the mixing head, valve close for reflux.

Two, foaming operation:
1, design a good formula
2, design good flow
3. At the beginning of foaming, start the swing head to adjust the width of speed, and then lubricate and open the mixing head to start. After the mixing head starts up to a certain speed, press foaming to start.
4, open the exhaust fan, lighting, paper collection

Three, cutting machine operation:

1, the cutting machine back in place, encounter the travel switch.
2, the crosscutting knife in place, touch the right or left stroke switch.
3. First cut off the foam head, hit the brake, then put the sizing switch in the sizing position, and cut the foam until the foaming stops
4. Turn on the feeding switch to adjust the speed before cutting the foam head.

Four, manual cutting, the tool rest back in place when touch the travel switch, press forward to start, then press the left and right cutting switch, when cut to the other side, then press stop, and then the cutting tool rest back in place, cutting cycle again.

Five, the machine does not need to work, must cut off all power supply, turn off the main switch.

Six, the operator must be specially-assigned operation, non-staff do not move, so as not to cause losses due to improper operation.

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