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  • LCK-601 high speed film opening machine
LCK-601 high speed film opening machine

LCK-601 high speed film opening machine

 Product Presentation

The machine is used to cut rubber and plastic foam plates EVA, PE, SBR, SCR, EPDM, Cr, NBR, EPE, PU and other materials used for aviation, high-speed railway interior, automobile interior shock absorption, precision electronic shock absorption, gift packaging, household, toys, sports equipment, shoe materials and building thermal insulation. The foaming material is placed at the feeding end of the machine, and the cutting belt is driven to cut through the flywheel operation, so as to achieve split cutting, improve the quality of finished products, save labor and reduce material loss. Instead of relying on imported equipment at home, the material thickness adjustment of the machine uses an electric motor to transmit pulses to the counter through the encoder, so as to achieve the set parameter value, which is simple and convenient. The main structure of the main machine is cast-iron material, and the driving nodular cast iron cutter wheel is fixed through the link to drive the cutter belt to run.

Working width


Total power


Cutting speed / min


Slice accuracy

+/-0. 05iran

Feed platform

6 stainless steel auxiliary wheels for auxiliary feeding

Opening thickness


Equipment size


Equipment weight


Sharable hardness